Eldborg – main hall

A truly world-class concert hall

As the largest hall in Harpa, Eldborg has hosted a dazzling range of concerts and events, including some of the biggest names in world music.

Eldborg has been designed as a world-class concert hall, with state-of-the-art acoustic technology that can be adjusted to performances, conferences and lectures of all kinds. The hall's design features make Eldborg a truly adaptable modern venue that can accommodate up to 1,800 guests at one time. 

Harp Corner

'Harp Corner' is a space on the second floor that can be used for a variety of performances or receptions in connection with events taking place in the main hall. 

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Seating capacity up to 1,800 guests

Main hall: size 1.008 m²

Ceiling height 19 m

Stage measurements 22 m x17m

Fixed seats everywhere except in side balconies

Sloping floor

Configurable reverberation time

Recording facilities

Interpreters' booths

Choir wagons

Well-equipped performer facilities