Merger of all companies involved in the operation of Harpa

The merged company has been given the name “Harpa tónlistar- og ráðstefnuhús ehf.” (the Harpa Concert and Conference Centre ehf.). Efforts have been underway for some time to strengthen Harpa’s operation and to simplify the company structure with respect to the concert and conference centre. This is a major milestone in this regard.

A shareholders’ meeting of Austurhöfn, Harpa’s parent company, was held on 20 December 2012. The meeting was also the first meeting of the Centre’s Owners’ Committee. The Centre, as is well known, is jointly owned by the state (54%) and the City of Reykjavík (46%).


Harpa’s Board of Directors

  • Guðfinna S. Bjarnadóttir, Chairman
  • Ásta Möller, Board member
  • Kjartan Örn Ólafsson, Board member
  • Svanhildur Konráðsdóttir, Board member
  • Vilhjálmur Egilsson, Board member

Harpa’s Arts Board

  • Ásmundur Jónsson, formaður ráðsins (BÍL)
  • Arna Kristín Einarsdóttir, (SÍ)
  • Björn Th. Árnason (FÍH)
  • Gunnar Guðbjörnsson (FÍT)
  • Kristín Mjöll Jakobsdóttir (FÍT)
  • Jakob Frímann Magnússon (FTT)
  • Kjartan Ólafsson (TÍ)
  • Stefán Baldursson (Íslenska óperan)


Owners’ Policy

The following policy shall apply to the operation and activities of the Harpa Concert and Conference Centre, owned by the Icelandic state (54%) and the City of Reykjavík (46%).

Read entire Owners’ Policy.

Harpa’s operating security guaranteed for the next few years

The operational structure of Harpa was greatly simplified during the latter part of 2012 with the merger of the operating company Ago, the property company Totus, the holding company Portus and the parent company Austurhöfn TR into a public limited company bearing the name Harpa tónlistar- og ráðstefnuhús (Harpa Concert and Conference Centre). These changes came into effect on 14 February 2013. The site management company Situs, however, remained separate and is owned by the state and the City of Reykjavík.

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